Lost your spark?

Find it here.

The Joy Jumpstart is a 7-day journey to help you break out of a rut and rediscover what makes you feel truly alive.

Lost your spark?

Find it here.

The Joy Jumpstart is a 7-day journey to help you break out of a rut and rediscover what makes you feel truly alive.

Are you burned out, worn out, or lacking in joy?

If you've been feeling like life has been one thing after another, after another, after another — you're not alone.

You feel stuck, like a hamster on a wheel. Life feels dull, flat, and boring, but you can't figure out how to change it.

You're running on fumes. You feel depleted and exhausted, but no amount of rest or self-care makes you feel recharged.

You feel anxious and scattered. You've tried meditation apps, gratitude journals, and a stack of self-help books, but still feel unfocused and adrift.

You're desperately seeking FUN! You know there's more to life than work, sleep, repeat, but you're so tired that whenever you have free time you just end up on the sofa, scrolling.

You feel disconnected from yourself. You've spent so much time taking care of others that your own needs have gotten lost in the shuffle. It's hard to be the parent, partner, or person you want to be when your well is empty.

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If any of these sound familiar, you might find yourself thinking...

"What's wrong with me?"

"Why can't I just snap out of it?"

"Maybe I'm expecting too much. Why can't I just be grateful for what I have?"

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But there's nothing wrong with you. And your expectations? They're not too high. Honestly, maybe they're not high enough.

You deserve a vibrant, joyful life — full of the things that light you up.

The world tells us in countless ways that joy doesn’t matter. That work is our purpose and over-work is a badge of honor. That our hobbies are frivolous and our pleasures are guilty. That we’re too big, too broke, or too busy to live a life we’re excited to wake up for.

I am so DONE with this.

You deserve joy.

Let's go get it back.

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The Joy Jumpstart is a 7-day, self-guided journey to rediscover what makes you feel most alive.

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In this first-of-its-kind program, you'll find the tools and insights to figure out what lights you up and how to bring it into your life, every single day.

During your Joy Jumpstart week, you'll use guided journaling, mindmapping, visualization, collage, and other creative tools to reconnect with your most joyful self.

This isn't a pie-in-the-sky visioning course that demands you overhaul your whole life or a program that promises you can "manifest" miracles. It's a series of fun, focused exercises that have been proven to help people like you get unstuck, rekindle your joy, and be intentional about cultivating a life you love right now.

At the end of just one week, people who completed the Joy Jumpstart felt:

MORE inspired and creative

LESS anxious and depleted

MORE energized and alive

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"This week was one of the first times in a long time that I felt inspired, motivated, and excited for the future."


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Sign up now and you'll receive instant access to the Joy Jumpstart.

All of the exercises are available immediately and are yours to download and keep, so you can do the work at your own pace and come back whenever you need to. To support you along the way, you'll receive seven days of inspirational emails that help you shift your perspective and recreate your relationship with your most joyful self.

If you want to...

Break the cycle of stress and exhaustion and find more magic in every day

Ditch your FOMO and start living a life that inspires you

Rediscover lightness and laughter after a period of trial or transition

Find a foolproof way to make time for the things that light you up, even when there's not a single moment to spare

Reconnect with your playful, creative, energetic self

Then the Joy Jumpstart is here to help you do it!

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"My mindset has definitely shifted away from being unsure about what direction to go in to having a pretty clear picture of changes that I can make right now to feel more fulfilled and joyful."


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"I was able to reconnect to the person I was before Covid. I just feel lighter than before."


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"The exercises were achievable each day, and still incredibly powerful. It feels good to feel joyful again, and abundant in that joy - like I will always be able to find more."


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Created by someone who has researched these ideas for more than a decade.

I'm Ingrid Fetell Lee, a designer, author, and TED speaker who has devoted the last twelve years of my life to studying joy and well-being. If there's one thing I know to be true, it's this:

Joy isn't just something you have to find. It's something you can create — for yourself, and others.

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In this program, I share tools that I've developed through my research and taught in my workshops that have helped joy seekers like you take charge of their emotional well-being and reconnect with their inner joy.

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Joy is what it feels like to be truly alive. And life is too short to live without it.

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special bonus with purchase

For a limited time, receive this additional bonus with your purchase of the Joy Jumpstart.

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Keep joy at the heart of life with this bonus template that helps you check in with yourself, reflect on what's important to you, and make space for delight in your busy days.



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